2024 Mission Projects

LOCAL: Arthur Legacy of Love Foundation
The Arthur Legacy of Love Foundation was created to provide quality housing for the special citizens of the Arthur community and hope for their families to know there is a safe, comfortable place for their loved ones to live when an alternative to “home” is needed.
So what is a CILA House?

It is a Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) for adults (age 18 and older) in a home where eight or fewer (typically four) unrelated adults with developmental disabilities live under supervision of the community developmental services agency (for Arthur, the Moultrie County Beacon will lease, staff, and manage the homes). Residents receive complete and individualized residential habilitation, personal support services, and other support under the direction of a community support team within the local agency.

GLOBAL: SIM-Bangladesh Arsenic Project
The Problem
Naturally occurring arsenic in drinking water is a problem in many places around the world.
But by far the largest amount over a large area is in southern Bangladesh. Its source?
The Himalaya Mountains that lie just north of Bangladesh.
Seriousness of the Issue
The arsenic crisis in Bangladesh is the worst human mass poisoning in history, with strong connections to drinking water and irrigation developments. Many consider it a disaster bigger than Chernobyl or Bhopal; it certainly has killed many more people. Chernobyl killed between 4,000 and 60,000 people in terms of direct and indirect means. It is difficult to get a very precise figure. Bhopal killed 20,000. Yet arsenic has killed hundreds of thousands of people in Bangladesh and very few know about it.
The Solution
There is a lot of hope for the arsenic problem though. This is a problem with a solution! Safe, uncontaminated water is the solution. We are partnering with SIM-Bangladesh to provide that! Education sessions, water testing, filter distribution, and patient screening clinics are already happening in the expansion area. This expansion will help and save thousands more lives.